Did you know that?

Discovered accidentally during the construction of a well in 1906, they form a group of subterranean galleries of calcareous origin that are united by corridors formed of natural way. They are located in the middle of the residential district of Genoa, belonging to the municipality of Palma de Mallorca (Baleares). The caves have a walking tour of almost a kilometer of distance and it descends until the 36 ms of depth.

Of enormous natural beauty, given especially by the different mineral colors of their speleothems and their great concentration of eccentric formations, they stand out notably for the multitude of the rare and difficult to find speleothemas coraloide (also known as popcorn or cauliflowers).

They also count on a huge natural irrigation of fresh water constant throughout the year which favors an environment always very humid, phenomenon that emphasizes notably in this aspect on the other 4 tourist caves that are in the island, granting to this cave a value of Vividness appreciated.